What is Align-N-Drive?

Learn about what Align-N-Drive is, why you should use it, and how it will improve road safety.


Align-N-Drive contains two removable strips that are placed onto the vehicles windshield in front of the steering wheel. The Align-N-Drive Kit provides simple instructions to ensure the strips are applied correctly. The driver operating the vehicle must install the strips in order to have an accurate and personalized view of the specific vehicle they are driving. After the strips are installed, the driver is now able to visualize, with 100% accuracy, the exact position and projected wheel path of their vehicle.

Company Overview

Align-N-Drive is a driving safety aid that serves as visionary reference points for the driver to view the exact location of the front tires of the vehicle. Drivers are not able to see the actual position of vehicles front wheel path in relation to the roadway because their view of the road is blocked by the dashboard and hood of the car. This prevents the driver to make accurate steering adjustments within the lane in order to avoid dangerous road situations or conditions. This new, gold medal award winning, innovative driving device allows driver to view and anticipate the vehicles wheel path to make accurate steering adjustments. project their wheel path. Viewing your driving path with 100% accuracy will help any driver to control any type of vehicle and ultimately enhance their ability to effectively avoid road hazards.

Why use Align N Drive?

  • Improve drivers’ control of vehicle

  • View your wheel path with 100% accuracy

  • Enhance alertness and handling skills behind the wheel

  • Anticipate and avoid dangerous road conditions

  • Increase driver reaction time and maneuvering ability of vehicle

  • Prevent expensive damage to your vehicle

  • Stay focused on the road ahead of you

  • Improves driving abilities for both new and experienced drivers


  • Improving Road Safety

  • Prevent roadway fatalities and save lives

  • Encourage drivers to be proactive

  • Reduce stress in dangerous weather conditions or unfamiliar roads while driving

  • Provide training courses for installation and use of the safety strips for all types of vehicles and carriers (trucks, busses, taxis, driving schools, etc.)

  • Create a new and innovative perspective of safer driving

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