Align-N-Drive System

How Align-N-Drive Helps

Facts, statistics, and how Align-N-Drive can help.

Did you know?

  • A one second increase in driver reaction time can eliminate 90% of crashes

  • 28% (or 16,551 people) of all fatal U.S. crashes in 2005 were caused by running off the road or failure to stay in the proper lane. This was the number one cause of fatal crash behaviors.

  • By comparison DUI and speeding deaths represented 13% and 20% respectively.

The Align-N-Drive is a visual driving system that improves driver reaction time and awareness contributing to increased driver safety and significant crashes reduction.

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  • Creates Visual Wheel Path Awareness

  • Reduces Road Wander

  • Projects Drivers Wheel Path

  • Helps to Stay in Your Lane

  • Night Driving Aid

  • Country (unpaved-unlined) Road Aid

  • Works in Road Glare

  • Aids in Poor Weather Driving

  • Parking Aid

  • Avoid Potholes-Obstacles

  • Reduction in Tire Wear

  • Reduction in Suspension Ware

  • Reduction of Crashes

  • Great Driver Training Aid

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