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A letter from our President, Dean Stewart:

To our potential customers:

All drivers learned or assumed they have learned to develop an imaginary visual wheel path when they first started driving. It was like learning to walk; a very basic step however, extremely important for us to "watch out" for what we step in! Some people have an automatic natural ability to visually align wheel path correctly, most of the time.

Brian Libby, a retired tractor trailer driving instructor said it was one of the most difficult things to teach a new driver. In order for them to pass his 4 day class, students were required to park the tractor & trailer on a line. Many were not able pass this seemingly basic test. While driving at such slow speeds, trying to park your wheel on a line should be a basic task that should be performed 99% of the time. If a given driver is not able to perform this test at slow speeds, how do they expect to avoid an obstacle, pothole, or other road hazards at higher speeds?

I do believe this basic visual miss alignment may cause 5% of automobile crashes and account for an even higher percentage of tractor trailer crashes. We have lines on all major roadways for a reason. It gives a driver a visual guide to keep on track. Similarly, trying to write a letter on "unlined" paper is not an easy task for most people. Of course, we're not talking about letters here-we're talking about lives!

This basic visual line is currently displayed in aircraft technology and should now and more importantly be used on roadways. After all, more people travel on our roadways than our airways.

Our Align-N-Drive system can be installed in under ten minutes. After using the system for a month, I removed it and found a sense of road wonder or light swerving! The effect was similar to taking the scope off a rifle and trying to achieve the same results.

The Align-N-Drive system works and we can prove it!

Dean Stewart

137 South Limekiln Pike
Suite E
Chalfont PA 18914


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